Packing can be stressful, especially if it’s your first-time heading to the slopes. So, we made a list and checked it twice to make sure you don’t forget any gear or essentials for your trip to the mountains. Don’t worry; if you end up forgetting something, you can stop by one of our Sturtevant's store locations for any last-minute items! 

Pack Like a Pro

Rolling Ski/Snowboard Bag

Rolling bags are extra helpful if you are flying to your destination to carry your skis or snowboard, poles, and helmet. A bag keeps everything together and secured during travel. However, we suggest carrying your ski or snowboard boots on the plane or in your carry-on, so you can be sure they won’t get lost. Most gear can be replaced or rented, but having your custom-fitted boots will make your trip more enjoyable

Pro Tip: Wrap a few clothes around your skis or snowboard to ensure they don’t bang into each other and scratch your gear. 

man walking with rolling ski bag


There's nothing worse than being too cold to enjoy your day on the slopes. Having the right outerwear prepares you for all kinds of mountain conditions and makes a huge difference between a cold, wet day and a warm, fuzzy vacation. 

Outerwear is the final layer of protection between you and the unpredictable climate. It helps protect against cold mountain wind and keeps you dry from snow and moisture. If you are in the wet Pacific Northwest, more waterproof may be what you want. For the below freezing temps in Summit County, Colorado or Big Sky, Montana, a more insulated outer jacket will serve well. Whatever your outerwear needs may be, Christy Sports has you covered! 

  • Snow pants 
  • Snow Jacket 

Pro Tip: When shopping outerwear consider waterproofing, breathability, stretch and material.


A day on the mountain can bring all sorts of unpredictable weather. Having an assortment of layers to go under your outwear will increase your comfort and prepare you for whatever weather the mountain throws at you.

  • Base layers are a key component of dressing appropriately for your day on the mountain. As the closest layer to your skin, they help regulate temperature and wick away moisture. Synthetic or wool base layers are our first recommendation because they will keep you warm no matter what. It’s best to avoid cotton base layers because when cotton gets wet from sweat or water, it loses its insulating properties and will make you cold. 
  • Mid layers are worn between your base layers and outerwear. They provide extra warmth and insulation for long days on the mountain. There are a wide variety of materials for mid layers, from fleece or wool sweaters to down or synthetic puffy jackets. It is important to consider the conditions of the day when picking mid layers. On a very cold day, you should consider wearing a heavier puffy jacket or a combination of multiple mid layers. On a warm, sunny day, you may only need one thin mid layer, or potentially none at all! 

Pro Tip: It's always better to be warm and peel off extra layers than be cold and cut your day short. Look for fabrics like merino wool, which will help keep you warm, but also wick away the sweat. 

girl ready to go skiing


Often overlooked and underestimated these items will add extra comfort to your next mountain adventure. 

  • Gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm and toasty, and hand warmers if you know you get really cold!  
  • Goggles (preferably a pair with interchangeable lenses, one for cloudy days and one for sunny days). 
  • Balaclava to keep the snow and wind off your face.  
  • SOCKS, SOCKS, and more SOCKS! Having a clean dry pair of socks will help keep your feet warm on cold days.  
  • Winter hats to keep your ears warm so your après adventure can last all night.  
  • Sunscreen: just because it's cold doesn’t mean you can't get burned. Make sure the sun's reflection off the snow doesn’t send you home with a raccoon tan line.  
  • Cozy shoes: a nice comfortable pair of insulated shoes or boots after a day on the mountain is a blissful thing.  
  • Hydration: altitude and exercise are the perfect combinations for dehydration. Remember to drink water and bring a reusable bottle with you. It will elevate your skiing and nightlife experience. Trust us on this one!  
  • Reusable tote: to limit the use of one-time plastic and help preserve our beautiful resort communities. Bring your tote to one of our Sturtevant's stores and pick up all your essentials or any last-minute items on your list. Plus, don’t forget to book your rentals in advance for a quick and easy pick-up!  

Pro Tip: Dry feet are warm feet, wait to put on your clean dry socks until you put your ski or snowboard boots on. Sweaty feet and wet socks will make your day significantly less enjoyable.

Skiers loading the car with skis
Ski Trip Essentials

If you're heading to the mountains for the first time, make sure you are prepared and packing all the essentials. If you are a beginner snowboarder and just learning to snowboard or a beginner skier and just learning to ski, you will want to make sure you have all the ski trip essentials, including snow pants, ski pants, ski helmet, your ski rentals, or snowboard rentals. Christy Sports has all the essentials you need to get on the slopes for the first time; plus, we are giving you our top tips for first time skiers and first time snowboarders. If you are unsure what you need to wear or pack, look no further; our team of experts at Christy Sports is telling you everything you need for skiing clothes and accessories.