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Ski Bags and Bootbags, and Backpacks

Stay Organized on Your Next Ski Trip

Shop Sturtevant’s Ski Bags and Packs! You and your friends just booked a dream ski trip. You’ve dropped hundreds, potentially thousands, of dollars to travel across the country, get lift tickets, and stay at a comfortable but budget-friendly hotel in town. You’re about to have the ultimate powder skiing adventure. What’s missing? Unless you’re a seasoned traveler, you probably don’t have ski gear bags or snowboard gear bags. Or worse, you’re stuffing your boots, skis, and boards into a duct-taped, hand-me-down bag your parents gifted you in the 90s. It’s time to make an investment to streamline all of your future ski travel experience. It’s time to get new travel ski bags, snowboard bags, and ski boot bags. Order your new ski or snowboard bag from Sturtevant’s, and discover how much easier it is to travel with gear-specific luggage.
Instead of paying obscene prices for a hamburger and soda, pack your lunch, snacks, and water bottles into a new ski backpack. Sturtevant’s offers a wide selection of packs for backcountry and inbounds skiing. For more information about our travel ski bags and pack, contact us today at (425) 869 7669.

Bring What You Need Onto the Slopes with New Ski Backpacks

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