The ION's proven performance, simplicity, and reliability in a high value model with a lower release range of 4-10 for smaller and less aggressive skiers.

The same renowned feature set as the ION 12, with a lower Release Value 4 – 10. Now you can pick the ION that best matches your skiing! Otherwise it's the same lightweight, high-performance touring binding weighing in at only 585 g (1 lb 4.6 oz) per binding.


Ion 10 vs Ion 12

Both bindings are great for backcountry touring the ION 10 is a good binding for a lighter person or someone who skis more conservatively. While the ION 12 is a great binding for heavier skiers who like to push their bindings harder. They function to same way and both have the same care and reowned features, the main difference comes from their release values.   



  • Optimal Energy Absorption = Maximized energy absorption. Minimized pre-releases.

  • Forward Pressure = Maintains consistent release values in landings and compressions.

  • Step-In Guidance = Quick, easy & consistent step-in.

  • QuickFlick Heel Lifts = Easy to grab with pole or hand.

  • User Friendly Heel Rotation = Turn heel in either direction to lock for touring with either hand.

  • Single Tool = Pozi Drive #3 for all mounts and adjustments. No heel spacer needed.

  • Snow Clearing Channel = Prevents snow buildup, avoids unwanted p

G3 Ion 10 Touring Binding