The HRC is the most-played track on the greatest hits album of the Firebird. The multiradius sidecut is all about keeping options open, allowing you to drive short turns with ease or lay on the gas for those big GS cruisers. The magic under the HRC’s hood are the carbon technologies—C-Spine and C-Armor—paired with a Double Titanal Sandwich Compound Sidewall construction, resulting in a responsive ski that knows you’re the one behind the wheel. Whether you’re crushing beer league, swiveling those hips, or carving the frontside on your own time, the HRC is the versatile, highperformance machine you’ll want to drive. Racers, start your engines.





  • Plate System: Piston Plate
  • Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall (Ti), Racing Construction C-Armor + C-Spine Core
  • Rocker: Full Camber
  • Factory Base Bevel: A 0,9° ± 0,2°
  • Factory Side Bevel: 87,7° ± 1,5°

Blizzard Firebird HRC - Men's 2020-21