About Sturtevant's Sports


Sturtevant's Sports has been serving skiers, snowboarders, tennis players and outdoor enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest since 1977. We have become one of the premiere shops in the area when it comes to;

  • Tunes and Race Prep
  • Rentals and Demos
  • Boot Fitting
  • Tennis
  • Watersports
  • Family and Children's Gear

Our Family

Sturtevants is part of a family of multiple specialty retail brands, all dedicated to delivering an outstanding guest experience. We love what we do and where we live and want to share it. We want to provide guests of all levels, a comfortable, inviting atmosphere where we can share our passion and knowledge.

It is our commonalities across the company and more importantly with our guests that make us who we are today: A company of passionate team members, who understand how each interaction impacts the ultimate experience of all our guests. It's not just a job, it's a lifestyle.

Who We Are

For those for whom outdoor experiences are treasured moments in a life well lived, Christy Sports is a welcome waypost en-route to adventures ranging from backcountry to backyard. We see ourselves in our customers, all of us fellow travelers and honored guests in the great outdoors. We're committed to making the most of the limited time we have with our guests, providing the best gear, sharing our considerable knowledge and enthusiasm, and in every way possible helping them make the absolute most of their outdoor experiences.

Our History

Sturtevant's has a unique history tracing back to over 50 years in the Greater Seattle Area. Here is our company timeline, starting with some history on the Sturtevant’s name, our relationship with Sturtevant's of Sun Valley and the original store at 622 Bellevue Way NE:

1963 – Fred Sturtevant opens Sturtevant’s of Sun Valley in Ketchum, Idaho

1963 – Hal Hansen relocates his store, Hal’s Sport Shop, from Seattle, Washington to 622 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, Washington

1965 – Hal Hansen and his new partner, Erl Julnes, change the name of Hal’s Sport Shop to Alpine House

1971 – Fred Sturtevant sells Sturtevant’s of Sun Valley to four Bellevue, Washington entrepreneurs and moves to Hagerman, Idaho to be a farmer

1973 – The four owners of Sturtevant’s of Sun Valley buy Alpine House in Bellevue and rename it Sturtevant’s of Sun Valley

1977 – Duncan Campbell and Alan Quinn buy Sturtevant’s of Sun Valley in Bellevue, Washington and drop “of Sun Valley” from the name. Dual Sports, Inc. is incorporated to serve as the parent company to the store

1986 – Dual Sports, Inc. opens the first Ski Mart store on 103rd and Main Street in Bellevue as a discount outlet offering close-outs, rentals and consignment skis

1992 – Dual Sports, Inc. opens Boarderline Snowboards, the Eastside’s first snowboard shop, next door to Sturtevant’s at 622 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue

1999 – Sturtevant’s and Boarderline move to 1100 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue

1999 – Ski Mart moves to 830 106th NE, Bellevue

2000 – Sturtevant’s partners with Altrec.com and launches the Sturtevants.com online store

2001 – A second Sturtevant’s location opens in Puyallup, Washington

2004 – Duncan Campbell takes sole ownership of Dual Sports, Inc., DBA Sturtevant’s, Boarderline and Ski Mart

2005 – Dual Sports, Inc. purchases SkiBonkers, the ski & snowboard tent sale that Olympic Sports launched in 1979

2005 – Ski Mart moves to 13219 NE 20th Street, Bellevue

2007 – Duncan Campbell sells Dual Sports, Inc. to long-time employees Jeff Campbell, Tracy Gibbons and Stacey Weichbrodt

2009 – Boarderline Snowboards is incorporated into Sturtevant’s, offering customers a seamless shopping experience for all their ski and snowboard needs

2009 – Sturtevant’s Kids opens in Boarderline’s former space

2009 – Sturtevant’s in Puyallup closes and a new Sturtevant’s Ski Mart store opens at 2220 South 37th Street, Tacoma, Washington

2009 – A third Sturtevant’s Ski Mart store opens at 18920 28th Avenue West, Lynnwood, Washington

2010 – Sturtevant’s and Altrec.com end their partnership and a new Sturtevants.com launches, offering customers the same products available in-store at Sturtevant’s in Bellevue, Washington

2017 - Sturtevants is acquired by Christy Sports in Lakewood, Colorado

2021 - Sturtevants.com launches an all new website


Sturtevant's has something to offer for all job seekers, whether it's wanting to spend a season with us or starting a career. We'll see you out there!