Performance Demo Skis

It's always a good idea to try something before you buy. If you haven't had a chance to ride on any new skis in a while, Sturtevant's offers a fleet of high performance demos. Demos give you a great opportunity to get a feel for a ski before you make your decision.

After you have given a few a try, come back in, tell our knowledgeable sales staff what you think and we can help you find the ski that is perfect for you.

If you do decide to purchase a ski from us, you may apply up to three days worth of demos toward your new skis.**

Each year we carry a large variety of models and sizes from each of the top brands we sell. Our great relationships with the ski companies allow us access to the top products.

How it Works
Reservations: You may make a reservation for a ski either in person or by phone. We do not guarantee skis will be available, but will do our best to accommodate you.
Pick Up / Drop Off: You may pick up skis after 4:00 PM the day before your demo, and return them by noon the day after. (Example: Pick up skis Friday at 4 PM, ski all day Saturday, return Sunday at noon.) If skis are available earlier in the day, they may be picked up earlier.
Bring Your Boots: We need to have BOTH of your boots to adjust the bindings.
Pricing: Demo skis are $45 per day of demo. The above example is 1 day. You must have a credit card for deposit.
Credit Towards Purchase**: You may apply up to 3 days of Demo fees towards the purchase of a new "current season" adult ski at regular price during the same season.
Responsibilites: You are responsible for damage, loss, and theft (full price).

**We now allow customers to bring in a receipt from on-mountain / non-Sturtevant's demos for up to 1 day worth of credit towards a new pair of current season skis. Just bring us the original (no photocopies) receipt from your on-mountain demo and we will credit you up to $45 towards your purchase. Please keep in mind that you may still only apply up to 3 days of Demo fees, and this would be considered 1 of those 3 days..

End of Season Policies:

Tennis Racquet Demos

Not sure which racquet is perfect for you? Try it free of charge before you buy it. The Sturtevant’s and Ski-Mart Tennis Shops in Bellevue and Tacoma offer year round demo racquets in multiple sizes for nearly for every model we sell.

Questions? Call the Bellevue Tennis Shop at 425-454-6465


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