About Us

The Sturtevant's experience is all about knowledge and premium service. It starts when you log on or walk into one of our stores and continues long after your purchase has been made. Which may have a little to do with why Ski Magazine recognized us as their 2009 Gold Medal Shop Of The Year. (we are pretty proud of that!) The knowledge is a product of waiting for that first chair on a powder day, countless hours on the court and early mornings behind the boat. From our owners to each employee, the passion of each of these sports runs deep.

Sturtevant's currently owns and operates four stores in Washington including our flagship store in Bellevue, Ski Marts in Tacoma, Bellevue, and Alderwood as well as the Sturtevant's Online store. We are proud to stand behind every product we sell. If we help you pick out a ski or snowboard and you don't love it, we guarantee to find you something you will. If we help you with ski or snowboard boots we will guarantee their fit. See our Guarantees and Policy for more information.

So from the all the Sturtevant's team, we wish you plenty of pow days in the mountains and glassy water out on the lake.

We're often asked if we're related to Sturtevant's of Sun Valley. The anwser is yes, well sorta... Keep reading below to learn more!

Company History

Sturtevant's has a unique history tracing back to over 50 years in the Greater Seattle Area. Here is our company timeline, starting with some history on the Sturtevant's name, our relationship with Sturtevant's of Sun Valley and the original store at 622 Bellevue Way NE:
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